A Little Travellin’ Music Please

I love to travel! I don’t know where exactly it comes from, but I just love going from place to place, seeing new things, meeting new people and just exploring! Because of this, I just LOVE the song by Miss Ashley McBryde called “Home Sweet Highway”. The lyrics just resonate with me but none so much as “These stayin’ put shoes I’m wearing don’t fit me right”

Summer of 2018, I drove from Santa Monica to Chicago. Yes, Route 66…but sadly with a lot more Interstate and Highway than I’d liked but I actually did have a plane to catch on the other side! Not to mention hotel rooms booked in various cities, state to states. I didn’t want to leave anything to chance as I had others with me including my son. A lot of things I wanted to see and do were already closed by the time we got there. I planned and planned and planned until I was blue in the face but just because Google Maps says it’ll take you X hours…it usually took two more than we expected with stops and traffic, etc. But it was still a lot of fun and as soon as I got back to England, I wanted to do it all over again! But with more time, like a month!

I definitely fell in love with a few places on that trip like Williams, Arizona. Like everywhere else, we only had one night there but the little town was just lovely as we went out for a walk and dinner. The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico as well!! Ah, I know the current owners are looking to sell it as they feel their time there is up, if I had the money I’d love to buy that place.

This past summer my friend and I went on a little ‘gothic road trip’ as we had stops in Salem, MA and stayed in Lizzie Borden’s B&B which were both amazing experiences and we really want to go back! This trip started in Boston and ended in Philadelphia where we met up with another friend for festivities.

We just have so much fun on the road and have now planned NEXT year’s trip which will be a bit more relaxing with less driving to do. So here we come San Francisco and San Jose!!

But I just can’t get enough of being on the road! I love watching people on YouTube who travel in their RVs and go where and when they want. So from watching in awe of these people, I’ve got a little dream.

Well, my friend Sheila and I both share this dream…we want to get an RV and live out on the open road! In this little day dream, I’ve picked out the Leisure Travel Van Serenity Tri-Fold Sofa Model. Which means it safely and comfortable seats and sleeps up to four people and we’d have our own separate sleeping area.

As much as this is a lovely dream, we both know in reality there are things to consider like income, bills, insurances, being away from family (especially me as my son wants to stay in England and I’d be doing this back in America). So as much as I look at YouTube videos and think “man, that would be amazing!” I also watch, read and listen about realities, tips, advise, how to fix things, this company is better than this one for this thing, etc.

But in a perfect world…this is what we’d love to do. And why the hell not?! Fingers crossed!!

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