Cooking for One…sometimes Two

Isle just for me…except, I don’t drink wine.

Being Single and cooking can be difficult but I think I’m finally getting the hang of things now. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much cooking from scratch in my LIFE! Now, instead of grabbing a quick bite from Gregg’s at work or takeaways at night, I’m batch cooking healthier recipes and separating them into portions in ‘left over’ boxes so that my lunch and dinner for 3-4 days is all sorted! Quick, easy and healthy.

It’s really good when I get home a bit later and instead of ‘slaving over the stove’ or going through a drive-thru, I’ve just gotta pop a meal into the microwave for a few minutes and I’m good to go.

This is helping me lose weight, save money and time! Of course, for the weeks I have my son, I don’t make him eat the same thing day after day so the extra two portions (because I’m crap at changing recipes to reduce portions), I take in to work the next two days for my lunch. Ta Da!!

I’ve been doing Weight Watcher recipes as my GP had me sign up with them recently. I’ve been with WW many times over the past 20yrs but I’m really hoping this time will be different as I have more control over…well, everything really.

Only having to cook for yourself really has some benefits such as having what you want and doing it how you want and also saving on money. Sure, I make a meal for four, it could feed four people…but then I’d need food for lunch as well. It just makes sense to me.

I’ve been quite impressed with my kitchen skills so far. Like I said before, I’ve never cooked from scratch so much! Throw together a casserole or just bang pre-made foods in the oven is usually my limit. Now I’m in there chopping onions (oh my eyes!!), peppers, using ingredients I’ve never had before. It’s all very exciting and so far, everything I’ve made has been delicious!!

My son is eating new things with me because of it too. Not always a fan of the dish but he eats it and when I fancy it again, I just have it when he’s not with me. Easy Peasy!

(photo credit: Weight Watchers UK)

Anyway, I just wanted to ramble a bit about that. Not very exciting for most but I’m thrilled LOL. I’ve made paella, risotto, sausage casserole with fresh veg and butter beans instead of a powder mix and Heinz baked beans. Tonight I’m doing a tomato & mozzarella chicken with tagliatelle pasta and tomorrow is beef teriyaki stir fry.

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