When you’ve been eating healthy…

Eat the Rainbow

So four weeks ago, my doctor referred me to Weight Watchers in an effort to lose weight so I could be eligible for knee surgery as I’ve advanced arthritis in my knee. Although I’m “too young” for knee replacement, they’d be willing to do some scraping surgery to get more room between the bones in my joint, as at the moment my knee is “bone on bone”.

I’ve tried various diets over the years, mostly Weight Watchers though, and I’ve never lost as much as I wanted or needed to. Sure, after a while I’d get bored or fed up with measuring, counting, etc. and so on and would just quit. However, when I’ve followed Weight Watchers properly, it’s always worked for me. Of course, I’m only human and wouldn’t lose every week, but it was working. Until I stopped following it.

I’ve been following their new plan for four weeks now and am doing quite good. I’m not saying how much I’ve lost, but I’m very pleased with my efforts and success so far…apart from this past weekend.

Saturday, following an overtime shift at work, my son and I went to the cinema to see Zombieland: Double Tap which we enjoyed. I also enjoyed a large mixed (sweet & salted) popcorn which was over my daily point allowance PLUS add on my lunch at work and such. Then Sunday we went out in the morning before I had a lovely brunch for a friend’s baby-shower where I had a lovely meal followed by two huge cupcakes.

Yup, that’s me…feeling unwell on a Sunday night.

Although I really enjoyed myself both days…come Sunday night, my body was yelling at me to get back on my healthy food track! I felt so unwell, it was horrible. Luckily, I didn’t get ‘sick’, just felt unwell but it’s still not nice to feel queasy and feverish.

So today, I parked further away from my office to get some extra walking in and I plan to do this from now on whether and time permitting. I devoured a Subway Tuna Salad (it was surprisingly satisfying) at lunch and tonight will be booking a WW recipe of teriyaki beef with veggies.

Fingers crossed I can ring this in and make up for the lovely weekend and manage another loss come Saturday. If not, I will know why and will keep pushing forward aiming for a loss the following week.

I’ve been enjoying all of the cooking, although it can get a bit stressful when you don’t get in from work until 6.30pm and am a ‘beginner’ cook and preparing takes you twice as long as the instructions anticipate. Doing meals that serve 4 people is broken down into portions and that’s my lunch and/or dinner for the next four days. That’s been really helpful. Learning how to make things fresh and doing it so it works out as zero points is awesome! Like rather than 2-4 points for tinned baked beans…I’m now making my own for zero points! Little things like that have, in my opinion, really helped me to lose weight.

Anyway, I think that is enough rambling for now on this subject. Thanks for reading.

Please share any diet or weight loss tips too!!

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