Hold on Tight. This is gonna be a bumpy one!

It’s been a few days since my last post so I wanted to share a few things that’s been on my mind or that has happened so it’s gonna be a bit of a ride and I appologise now for that.

Firstly, just a little rant about cinema goers. So all of the cinemas near us have allocated seats that you choose when you book your tickets. If you don’t pre-book and get your ticket at the cinema on the day, they still have you pick out seats. The other day my son & I went to see Gemini and we had our pre-allocated seats which was one of our two usual rows. As I climb the steps; A, B, C, D…H…our seats are the first two on the right of the isle yet…two men of varying ages were in our seats. I look at my phone, look at the floor and look at the chairs, checking row and numbers and say loudly “Yeah, these are our seats H7 & H8. ‘Scuse me, these are our seats.” They both sat still, eyes locked forward like we weren’t even there nor had we said anything to them. My son, being quite a passive person, was like “Mom lets just sit on the other side, it’s fine” Fine. But that’s not the point. Then…the two guys in front of us talked through the whole film, I could hear them over the action scenes. I shushed them to no avail yet anytime I coughed, they had the nerve to turn around and look at me. I get people go to the movies with friends, etc and want to chat or “omg i think he’s the killer!”, etc. but in hushed tones. They didn’t even lean over to each other, proper loud. Although I enjoyed the film, I did not enjoy the experience. Argh! So there’s that. Rant over.

Be respectful to others in cinemas!

On a more positive note…I’m doing really well diet wise though! I’ve lost 11lbs now in 6 weeks. Squeee!! Between having a lovely Weight Watchers Coach and listening to Losing 100lbs with Phit & Phat have helped me change my attitude towards eating and losing weight. Not to mention just my mindset and how I think of myself. I know I won’t lose weight every week and that is okay. I’m being honest with tracking my food and being accountable for my choices. I’ve been eating better, I’ve been cooking, meal prepping… all these things I’m not used to doing but I’m so proud of!

In the lead up to Christmas and a road trip next May, I’m trying to rack up the overtime hours at my full time job. Basically, from now until the end of December, if I don’t have my son, I’m working over the weekend. LOL Plus my cat sitting business…surely it’s time for my numbers to come up, haha. I’m donating and selling a lot of my things because I need the space and the money, not the stuff so last weekend was “Yay! I just sold X on eBay for £60, that’s our weekend outtings and food paid for.” It’s scary being a single mom on minimum wages but I’m making it work. I’m working hard and I’m proud of myself for working so hard. Still hoping for a winning lottery ticket though! But ‘when’ I win my million, I’d still work where I am because I enjoy it, I’d just be able to relax and not worry.

With that in mind, I’m really excited to announce that I was chosen to be an affiliate for the Skinny Food Co!!! I’m loving their products and they’ve started accepting affiliates so I applied and was accepted! Yaayyy!! How awesome is that?!?! So I want to share with you my personal link and hope that if you want to try some of their guilt free products, you’ll shop via my link below. Sauces, syrups, flavourings, jams, spreads…you won’t regret it! And of course, by using my affiliate link, you’ll be helping me too ❤

I guess I should go for now and finish watching this week’s Walking Dead for the second time (OMG!!) then hit the sack. Thank you for letting me share my rambling thoughts with you. Sometimes you want to say more than you would on Facebook and such and I just love writing. I really should try to get back to doing my short stories. Hmmmm….I could do a collection of short stories and self-publish on Amazon. A couple of my friends have done that. Ya never know 🙂

Good night & have a pleasent tomorrow!

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