As the year comes to a close…

Well, 2019 is nearly over with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching. How has 2019 treated you? Are you looking forward to a better 2020?

This past year has been okay for me. It was better than 2017 and 2018 I believe. But that is what we aim for, isn’t it? To do and be better each year. To improve ourselves and our lives. In the last few months, my neighbours from hell have moved away so I’ve lived in peace & quiet since June. I suffer from Misophonia and all of the noise they created was literally driving me into a deep depression and high anxiety issues. So my prayers were answered when they were evicted.

In June, I had a lovely vacation with two of my best friends and saw some amazing things and places I’ve never been to before. Tame Boston squirrels at the Common Gardens climbed all over me as I fed them treats, took in the sights and did some people watching. We visited Salem and learned the truth about the Witch Trials and history of Salem. I could go on but there are Vlogs on my YouTube Channel which may be more entertaining.

Back in September, I was referred to WW (formally Weight Watchers) by my doctor and bit by bit am losing weight. With that, I am forming better eating habits, teaching myself how to cook more from scratch. Due to that, I am feeling better about myself, I’m happier, prouder and all around feel so much better about life. Do see the ripple effect here?

What are you thankful for?

I do have some things to be thankful for this past year. At the moment, I’m thankful for a lot of overtime leading up to the holidays LOL I’m definately thankful for having such an amazing son who keeps be pushing harder to be better. My friends, my job, my car, my flat, my cats. I’m thankful for having the parents I did and how they raised me so that I can survive in this world without them.

So many people out there are without the things we take for granted every day. Be thankful, even for the smallest of things because there’s someone out there that prays they could have that little thing. That half of a sandwich you threw away, the money you spent on a new tv, that hug from a loved one.

My challenge to you for the rest of November, the thankful month if you will, is to wake up each morning and say Thank You to whatever being or God you believe in. Thank you for giving me another day. Thank you for providing me with opportunities in life. Thank you for loved ones, a roof over my head, a full stomach. Thank you for waking me up this morning. Also, try to do for those less fortunate. Buy a Big Issue from the lady you pass each day to work. Donate your change in the charity pot at Costa. Help those who need it more than you.

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