Ten Dozen Eggs!!

Ok this one will be mostly about my weight-loss as I’ve now lost 15.5lbs in just ten weeks!! Holy Cow!! As someone who’s always struggled with weight, start and stopped diet after diet after diet, yo-yoing back and forth, up and down….this is amazing to and for me.

Scrambled or Sunny Side Up?

So I’m following the current WW (formally Weight Watchers) plan and I’ve been on the new Purple Plan the last two weeks which allows healthy carbs as 0 pointed foods; potatoes, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, etc. I’ve missed my potatoes and on the Blue Plan, how it was before they added the Purple & Green Plans, they can work out to be high in daily points. Each week since joining I’ve lost except for two weeks ago but that was an expected gain and it was only 1.5lbs. The following week I lost three and this week I lost another two, so…Happy Days!

I’m hoping, looking at my current average weight loss, that I’ll manage to lose a further 30lbs before my trip to California in May. That would be AMAZING!! I’m not going to say what I weigh now or what I would be with another 30lbs gone but, let’s just say…it’s been a long time since I’ve been at that weight and it’d be amazing to get that low for my trip *whispers* because we plan on pigging out on ice cream and alcohol *wink, wink*

Why did the girls cross the bridge?

I can not wait for this trip! My best friend, Sheila (Friends by Chance, Sisters by Choice), keep saying we’re going to have a relaxing beach vacation and hopefully this one will be it. In June this year we had our little “Gothic Road Trip” which included staying in Salem, MA, visiting the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York, the Eastern State Pen and sleeping in the bedrooms of Lizzie and Emma Borden at the Lizzie Borden B&B Although we had a GREAT time and we did several things on our Bucket List, it was a lot of driving and we did have somewhere specific to be on a certain day.

California will be a little bit shorter of a trip for me as this year I went out a couple of days early to have more time in Boston. Next year, in trying to keep costs down or rather have a bit more money to use while there, we’re flying in and out the same day and only visiting for ten days. Equal time in San Francisco and San Jose as we’re both dying to go to places in both cities.

Now I’ve been to San Francisco and San Jose before, although in San Jose I only went to the Winchester Mystery House and then back to The Bay, but I really loved it and have been wanting to go back. Sheila has never been to California, so of course there’s lots of stuff I want to show her and us do together. We were umming and ahhing over what to do because we wanted to go to San Fran, San Jose and LA but that would’ve been another car heavy trip and less doing and seeing things. So we’re saving Los Angeles for another time.

What’s Your Dream?

I’m hoping to also tick another item off of my Bucket List while there, riding a Harley Davidson. There are places in town where you can rent them and they even do just day rentals which is what I’d be looking to do. Now, as I’ve never been on a motorcycle, let alone driven a Harley. So I’m looking at taking some motorcycle lessons here in the UK beforehand so I’m knowledgeable, capable and sure I’m legal. Would I ever like to have my own motorcycle? Sure! But for the 4 weeks it’s warm enough here to be out on one…I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe one day though, to have on the back of the RV for little trips away from the campsite or something. Or when I win the lottery, hehe. This is another hair-brain idea I have, something I’d love to do but may not be possible just yet. The lessons aren’t cheap, the CBT (compulsory basic training) is like £135 itself. But I’ll see how my overtime hours and cat sitting jobs go.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

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