To Sleep Perchance to Dream.

So last night, I didn’t get a lot of sleep as I got in from work about 9.30pm (and had to be back in today by 9am) and my football team, the Auburn Tigers, were already in the first quarter of the Iron Bowl at this time. So I fed my cats and got tucked up into bed with the game playing on my phone via BT Sports App.

I’m lying there, eyelids getting heavy and then bolt straight up “Holy Shit!!” because of some amazing play…I’ll admit, one was by the opposing team, Alabama…do they have a nickname? I know their ‘battle cry’ is Roll Tide. But like, we’re the Auburn Tigers…are they the Alabama…is Crimson Tide their nickname? I think it is…I’m tired LOL

Anyway, this was an AMAZING game!! Neck and neck the WHOLE way; You get a touchdown, now you get a touchdown, and now you, okay a field goal for you then a touchdown. In the last six minutes of the first half, a total of 38 points between them!

I made it to the third quarter but then once we are ahead again, I let myself drift on off to sleep as I knew we had it won. More points were scored but I just had that feeling in my heart that it was our game. We won 48-45…Dream Come True!

About 4.20am I was woken up to a very loud BOOM!! which I assumed was a van or something at the flats behind my house backfiring, shrugged it off and went back to sleep. Turns out, it was a Sonic Boom!! Apparently, it was RAF jets responding to a 7700 ‘Squawking Request’

It must’ve done something to my subconscious because the last dream I remember was just horrible. I kept waking up in a panic trying to calm myself down and change my thoughts. But in my nightmare, two people had broken into my house and were trying to take my belongings. For some crazy, unknown reason the two people were Zach Anner and Camryn Manheim of all people!! So, okay Zach I see on Rooster Teeth from time to time and Camryn, I recently watched on Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings episode #5, “Down from Dover”. What they hell they were doing in my head, robbing me in a nightmare…I don’t know!! Of course, they were going after stuff I truly cherish and things passed down to me so I was fighting tooth and nail! (side note…in the dream Zach was not in a chair but walking about ransacking my place)

^^ Not Zach nor Camryn ^^ Not my house either, so…

This nightmare really had me rattled! Think I’ll look into some security cameras or something. Also think I’ll take a Nytol tonight to help get a good night’s sleep in preparation for my last 5 work days in this 12 day ‘week’. Momma has Christmas to pay for, hehe, so I’ve accepted all the overtime they’ll give me. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the holidays off a bit more too.

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