That Trailer That Dropped on 9th December…

First of all…if you’ve not seen the first official trailer for some film about ghosts and ghost busting called Ghostbusters: Afterlife… check it out below

Ghostbusters (2020): Afterlife

Watched it? Good! Let’s get started.

**Disclaimer: The below are just thoughts and theories of myself after watching the trailer…none of this is official plot lines outside of what you saw in the trailer**

So I have been a Ghostbusters fan since I was a child, since I saw the first film back in 1984…I am an 80s kid afterall. Even at a young age I was interested in science and the paranormal…like most 7 year olds, so this movie was just perfect for me. Add in the fact that my Mom raised me on classic SNL with Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, etc.

As most kids, I’d daydream, especiallly while in class. While they invisioned being actresses, football players, going out with the popular kid to the school dance…I was picturing in my head that Ray, Egon, Pete and Winston would pull up in front of my school in Ecto and get me from class because they NEEDED me on a hot case. Okay, I also had a crush on Harold Ramis…I like nerds with brains! Kill me.

Ghostbusters 2 was fun. I mean, we saw Pete & Dana’s relationship come back together, Janine and Louis hook up and they make the freakin’ Statue of Liberty come on land!! *throws hands up* I know GB2 is like marmite in the Ghostbusters fandom. You love it or hate it for various reasons.

When I grew up…my daydream became a reality…in a roundabout way. I found a Ghostbusters fan group who dressed up like the characters and raised money for charities. So my ex funded this passion and before I knew it, I had a flightsuit, boots and most importantly…a proton pack which was upgraded a few years later with a even more kick ass light and sound kit.

Okay, I’m rambling already. I’m sorry…just trying to build a picture for you here. My left inner ankle has the ‘no ghosts’ logo on it (tattoo) ffs.

So this trailer…Ghostbuster fans have been waiting AGES for this, getting all excited with every leaked photo or cast news. I was more like, I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe I’m so wrapped up with work and life, it just wasn’t on the top of my importance list. When I got home, I got up YouTube on my tv and watched it. First impression was like “okay…I’m interested”. Second, third time I watched it “oh that’s…! oh and there’s…!” Lots of lovely Easter Eggs and homages to the first film.

So…it looks like our old pal Ivo Shandor may be behind these new disturbances in Summerville.

That is Definately a Terror Dog claw on Paul Rudd’s car!

And, I mean…no human being would stack books like that…Right?!

What I love is not just the ties to the original film and what teases to bring things full circle, but also the possibilities. So we know the Grandfather has passed away and their Mom brought the family to the farm to go through what was left behind. With this we have two thoughts…Egon sadly passed away when Harold did. They do look a LOT like Egon. Phoebe, the little girl, is a science geek and Trevor, the teenage boy, is a gear head. But we also recall that in the first film, Ray had to remortgage his family home so they could afford the firehouse.

So although we know in our hearts that this is the Spengler family…could it be Ray’s childhood home where, after the 1989 fight with Vigo, all of the guys’ stuff was stored as this is the first ghost sighting since then. So says Mr Grooberson (Paul Rudd) in the trailer. Ecto is there, lots of equipment…not just spores, moulds & fungius. We know most of the original cast will be making cameos as their previous characters as this is the same Universe & timeline. The big question of everyone’s mind is … Will Rick Moranis return as Louis Tully?

**EDIT…OMG!! WHAT IF LOUIS TULLY IS THE GRANDAD WHO PASSED?!?! Rick Moranis has been retired since the passing of his wife so very unlikely to make a return in the film. He “always wanted to be a Ghostbuster” and was the guys’ lawyer…Maybe they entrusted him to keep their stuff when things quietened down after GB2…**

Shandor Minning…does our old foe Gozer come back in a different form? Will Ivo Shandor himself make an appearance?! Or…is there still a facton of Gozer worshippers in Summerville who will summon up another opponent.

Ecto has a gunner seat similar to Ecto in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon…will Slimer finally befriend the gang like in the cartoon too? We did see a little green spirit peek out of the ghosttrap & look at Paul Rudd.

Let’s just let our minds run with it…Did Egon and Janine finally hook up?! Did Janine and Louis stay together instead? Did the mom grow up with the other Ghostbusters’ kids and who all in this extended family will get involved.

I try not to read too much into things. I love enjoying a film in the cinema not really knowing more than the trailers have told us, but I do enjoy a bit of speculation and theories.

The Ghostbusters fandom have been waiting for a ‘passing of the torch’ film and now…we’ve clearly got it. Same Universe, right timeline, literally keeping it in the family. Needless to say I’m very excited about this but…it won’t be out until July 2020 and until then, we’ll have to let our minds run with fun possibilities while we get on with our lives.

Thanks for letting me ramble again about my thoughts. The trailer was good in that it didn’t give us a lot of information but lots of Oooohs & Aaaaahs that made the 8yr old in all of us jump for joy.

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