Healthy, yet Expensive Household

As you may know from previous posts, I have been following Weight Watchers (WW UK) and at time of posting this I have lost 21lbs in those 18 weeks. My eating habits have really changed but yes, I still have ‘cravings’ or fancy a high pointed item or meal. I try to have these on or over Saturday and Sunday after I’ve had my weigh in and then have to 6 days to “make up” for it although I do try to not go over my weekly ‘Extras’ allowance. Since they relaunched WW and brought out the three colour plans; Blue, Green and Purple…I’ve been following the Purple Plan so I can have healthier carbs without having to point them.

I love these things!

However, three weeks ago my son (teenager) was advised my a specialist to go on the Keto diet to reverse his ‘fatty liver’. So with that in mind, I’m trying to cut my carb intake back to support him especially when we have meals together. Although, since being on the Purple Plan, I only have brown rice, whole wheat pasta and baked/boiled potatoes. He’s not allowed any of that so we have dinner with high protein and healthy fats. The other night he had steak with asparagus wrapped in bacon, to make little parcels, and a poached egg. I’ve also done a spinach ‘sauce’ with garlic and low fat Philadelphia cheese which I really enjoyed. The recipe called for sun dried tomatoes but it added too much carbs for his daily allowance so I omitted that but did put in a touch of tomato paste to add a bit more flavour. MWAH! Lovely!

My Land is Your Land. Your Land is My Land.

So while I’m trying to get us both healthy, meal planning, tracking, etc. I find it a bit hard with all the overtime I’m doing. This weekend for instance, I’ll be doing my grocery shopping when I’m usually cooking due to my schedule. Tomorrow the shops will be closed before and after I’m at work. But that was my choice to accept these extra hours and it is needed. My son seems to be quite proud of his “hard working, bad-ass” Mom too so I know I’m setting a good example for him.

I’ve been trying to get my house sorted out so if and when, I can sell it with no issues. Over here in England, although you can own the “bricks and mortar” that doesn’t always mean you own the land it sits upon. After doing my own detective work, because the solicitor was going to charge me £300 for his guy to do what cost me £5 online and find the owners, we had to pay their solicitor £275 to find the owners’ paperwork to prove they own the land as they’ve misplaced it. Actually they didn’t even seem to know they owned this bit of land. Sure, this was done back in the 80s but I’d remember if I owned a bit of land that someone else lived on… Anyway, so based on the size of the land (tiny!) and value of the flat, I’ve been quoted a good £15k more than I expected to get the lease extended or have them transfer ownership of it to me (which would be ideal for me).

It’s a LOT of money. See why I do so much overtime? And do my cat sitting “side hustle”? LOL Fingers crossed the bank will feel sorry for me and give me a loan so i can sort this out and consolidate my credit cards so it’s all in one nice manageable payment.

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

With this staring me in the face, I’m going to California in May with the thought that this could be my last vacation for quite a while, State-side anyway. We have been talking of hiring an RV and going to Colorado next year but that is now an “if and when” trip…as in if and when Sheila and I can afford it. LOL

It’s hard to get a YouTube Channel up and going well when you don’t have much to vlog about and only go on vacation a week or two out of the year. But what is on there, I know it’s very amateur, but I hope you enjoy it. If I get my editting software agreeing with me again, I’ll add some ‘every day’ type content. Maybe, given everything I’ll put up a virtual ‘tip jar’ LOL

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