Is Anyone There?

Hi There! Yes, I’m still here kicking around. I’ve been so busy with work and just life, I’ve not really had time to think and relax, much less blog.

Is it nearly the end of February already?! Wow 2020 is going by FAST!! My holiday to California will be here before I know it and I’m still on my way to meeting my holiday weight goal.

Since the new year, I’ve been working a lot of 6 day weeks, racking in that overtime to help cover the holiday costs as well as everyday things. Back in December, I set myself a little goal of using only what I made from cat-sitting, which I do on top of my full-time job, for ‘spending money’ which would include food, gas and activities. So far, that will be all I need. When I book these joint holidays with my sister, I get it all booked and paid for and she gives me her half of things when we get there. This then gives me that bit of cash as well so I don’t need to take much. I believe I’ll do like last year and take $500 in cash plus what she gives me for her share of things (hotels, rental car, pre-booked activities)


Wow…I started this post last month!! I’ve been so busy at work and stuff at home, I’ve just not had time or brain energy. Things have really quietened down at work now though and while it’s a welcomed break, I love to be busy. But at least now my body and brain can rest from the hectic schedule I’ve had the last few months.

What do you make of this coronavirus?!?! Madness!! I’m not like Trump and saying it’s a ‘hoax’ but I do feel the media and governments are doing a lot of scare mongering that’s adding to it rather than helping. People are going crazy bulk-buying food and toilet paper (?????) and the looks I’ve had when walking along the street and cough…it’s absurd. I went shopping yesterday for bits to get us through the weekend and the shelves were fine. It didn’t look like a zombie apocalypse, so I’m not sure where all this craziness is happening but it doesn’t seem to be in my area despite cases being identified on towns surrounding where we live.

I do keep looking at CNN and such to check on California as I know a lot of airlines are cancelling flights to and from places due to this. Corona better not mess up my MUCH needed vacation!! Just sayin’!!

Stay Clean and Cautious people. Wash, clean surfaces, use tissues and bin them. We’ll be okay.

4 thoughts on “Is Anyone There?

  1. Here in the UK there’s a big thing on hand washing, bit nasty actually as we should be doing that anyway!
    I am worried, but I do think it’s going to get bigger. Hoping there’s some control on it before July, that’s when we go on holiday!

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