What is this silly thing??

So my son has introduced me to a fun app called TikTok. I’d heard of it before via Social Media and hearing people talk about it, etc. but wasn’t sure what it was. Surely just a variation of Instagram, right?

NO! Okay, well…it is but it isn’t. With Instagram you post photos or a short ‘story’ with captions, etc. You can still do that with Tiktok but you can also lip sync with pre recorded sound clips from films or other people. I personally enjoy doing Golden Girl Duets with other users. This is where someone will have recorded one part of the clip, in this case let’s say they do Rose’s lines and then I can ‘duet’ it and record Blanche’s lines and my video will appear beside theirs.

There are also lots of ‘dances’ that someone will come up with and then others will copy it or do their best version of the moves. I’ve been challenged to learn ‘Renegade’ but often do what is called the Adam Bam Dance for a quick something with a caption. Right now I’m using that as a daily dance countdown to my holiday in May.

I must say, I’m a bit addicted to it LOL. It’s just a good bit of fun doing little videos, usually up to 15 seconds, and watching all this creative content by other users. Some people on there really go out of their way with makeup and costume and like videography…I’ll be on there for two hours before I know it, just watching videos in my For You feed.

Alot of people are doing ones revolving around the CoronaVirus which has the world in it’s grip currently. Some are educational about how to best take care of ourselves by medical staff and others are comical to help keep spirits high. A lot of people are having to self isolate to prevent catching or spreading the virus so they’re occupying their time (amongst other proper daily activities or routines) by making TikToks and tagging them like Big Brother. “Day 3 of self-isolation…”

They can be quite clever and uplifting and fun. I’m really enjoying it so if you’re on TikTok, or fancy creating an account, find and Follow me. My user name is @mommacinnamonroll

And no, I’m not being paid for this. This is just a musing during a quiet day.


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