What Day Is It?!

I know I’ve been away (again) for quite a while. Like many of you, I’ve been trying to reshuffle my life during this quarantine. Luckily, I’m still employed but I’m furloughed meaning I’ve only receiving 80% of my wages so after taxes, I’m getting like £125 less than my normal paycheque. However, I’d been doing so much overtime from November to March, my furlough wages is actually nearer £450 less than I’d been getting and BOY, can I feel it.

We are all in difference situations right now and I’m not going to compare my ‘new life’ to anyone elses. I know there are many MANY people worse off than I am right now and I know there are those still in a good place financially. So please do not feel like I’m comparing, this is my blog so I can only talk about my situtuation and outlook.

Today (12/5/20) they have announced that the furlough scheme will be extended to October but may be asking employers to ‘chip in’ from August. This is a great relief to me as originally it was to last until end of June. I’d much rather be actively working but right now, in my area, the only places hiring are looking for jobs that I physically cannot do or am not qualified for…hence my taking online courses.

Luckily, I’ve got my son with me whereas normally, I’d have him every other week due to the 50/50 custody. I’m so thankful for this because I believe if I were alone, just me and the cats, I’d be a lot worse off mentally. He’s in Year 12 at school and has been kept busy with online lessons his teachers have been setting and playing games online with friends keeping in touch.

I’m trying to keep busy and keep my brain exercising with online courses such as feline behaviour and psychology to go along with my cat sitting business and then office skill based ones such as customer service, HR, payroll, etc. Gage is also doing some ontop of his regular school work that’s assigned and submitted online.

Right now, his school is preparing to start accepting Year 10 & 12 students on a part-time basis from June 1 in line with current Government plans. Obviously this is constantly changing but at the moment (12/5/20) this is the plan.

I know just before all of this happened, I was SO looking forward to my four day weekend after working a lot of 6-12 day weeks. Now I’ve got the longest weekend EVER! LOL

It’s so scary though, isn’t it? Even once things start to reopen, things won’t be the same. Some degree of social distancing will be in place for a good while I believe and really, until there is a viable vaccine, we’ve got to be so careful.

I was watching a YouTube video Tom Hanks did earlier for college graduates and saying how this is our generations “before the war”. We have “before 9/11 travelling was…” and now “before the pandemic”, “during the pandemic”, etc. We are living during a very historical event. Let that sink in. Fifty years from now, schools very well may be teaching about this from a social point of view, medical of course and just as a worldwide historical event. It’s freaky thinking that while we’re sat here, in front of our tvs bored, watching Breaking Bad for the 3rd time. Or going to work but with many more safety measures and such. Our Grandkids will ask us about this and we’ll be like “be glad you’ve got somewhere to go! back in my day we had to stay indoors for X months due to a pandemic! Now get off my lawn!!” LOL It’s just mind blowing!

But on a positive note, the Earth seems to be healing herself from the decrease of all the emissions from planes, trains and cars. Hopefully we can keep that going as time goes on now it’s been shown to be working.

Anyway, another pointless post from me. LOL Please take care of yourselves and your family and follow the restriction guidelines for wherever you are but ALSO use common sense!! Just because this guy says it’s safe to run across the road, look both ways first!

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