Can I come out now?

Cute Fox in my Area

So…after what, a year, of lockdown and no blog posts…I’m sat in the break area at work being thankful we are open again and I’m earning my paycheque rather than depending on 80% of my wages from the government while sat at home trying to keep the depression & anxiety demons away. As thankful as I am for the government paying those of us forced out of work due to the lockdown for so long, I’m a worker, a doer. I need to work & do things. People can now go out to restaurants and our company is thriving once again. We actually need more staff!! 🤗

So why didn’t I do any posts during lockdown? I didn’t have much to say, not anything worthy of a blog post anyway. Had some rants & thoughts on Facebook but I didn’t want to fill my blog with Debbie Downer posts or “well it’s Tuesday, again…” Like many others, I had a lot of demons shouting in my brain. Mostly anxiety about money & employment. I did look for part-time work and was told my Proof of Right to work isn’t acceptable anymore as my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa is in an expired passport. (More on that later…)

24hrs later…

Anyway…it’s now the next day and I’m sat on the only corner of my bed that isn’t covered in stuff as the painters I hired are back to finish the job that started yesterday. A lovely full coat of Farrow & Ball’s Elephant Breath in the hallway and Teresa’s Green in my son’s room as well as a fresh coat on the den/lounge ceiling as it’s discoloured. I had to move all the stuff out of my son’s room and I actually demolished and tossed out his dresser and wardrobe as they were rickety and his new ones from IKEA will be here shortly.

Then I had to take as many trinkets out of the lounge as I could and move the furniture into the centre of the room…easier said than done but it’s done to a certain degree. Thankfully I had friends come help with Gage’s room and then he and his Dad came by last night and took boxes of his stuff to give me more space until this is all finished.

I’ve such a small place and way too much stuff to go in it. Over the last couple of months, I have made a dent though thanks to eBay, Facebook Marketplace and local charity shops. plus a few ££ which of course has gone right back out again. It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it? Money.

Luckily I’m not only back at my full-time hospitality job, but I’ve got several cat sitting bookings too! I do that on top of my “day job” just to earn a bit more, save it for trips (got California booked for June 2022) and just to meet other people and cats. You know I love cats, right?

So…how have you been this past year? I hope you’ve been as well as can be and that things are looking even better for you now.

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