To the Movies!!

I’m so excited as this morning I booked myself a ticket to Cineworld to see The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. Like so many others, I’ve not been to the cinemas in over a year…I honestly can’t remember what the last thing I saw at the theatre was.

Also, lets look at the word “theatre/theater”. Theatre is British and Theater is American… but both spellings mean the same thing. Also in England it’s “cinema” whereas in America (at least where all I’ve been) it’s “movie theater” and “theater” is where you see plays…Just a little side observation.


noun: theater

1.a building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given.

2.a room or hall for lectures with seats in tiers.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed the Conjuring Series as I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and have read books by/about the Warren’s and their experiences, so when I saw that another instalment was coming out, I couldn’t wait to get booked in. I know “it’s Hollywood” and things have been elaborated and added to increase interest so you don’t have to tell me.

The other day, I was watching a documentary or interviews rather of Daniel Lutz called “My Amityville Horror” where he talked about his experiences living in the famous Amityville house with his mother, step-dad and siblings. The Warren’s had actually gone to the house to investigate and try to help and in this documentary, Daniel and a reporter who originally reported on the happenings in the 70s, went to visit Lorraine Warren and go back over her recollection of the house and her experiences while there. I thought that was really nice, to see her and hear from herself about the activity there. This was filmed back in 2012 and Lorraine has sadly since passed.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to going to the cinema again and yes, I’m going on my own which I don’t mind doing. Part of being single and my son not caring for horror movies much. It’s actually quite nice to do things on your own from time to time…and not having to share your popcorn is great. LOL

I’m also really excited to go see the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (Reynolds, Jackson & Hayek) and Nobody (Bob Odenkirk). My son and I really enjoyed the Hitman’s Bodyguard so I’m looking forward to us seeing the sequel together. And I really enjoyed Bob Odenkirk in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, that’s really all I’ve seen him in but I just think he’s handsome so I excited to see Nobody advertised with him as the lead character.

Stay tuned to see what I thought of Conjuring 3. I’m sure I’ll really enjoy it though as friends with a similar mind-set have enjoyed it and I do love horror as much as true-crime….

…24hrs Later…

Wow…I don’t want to give anything away as I know this is just recently out but I really enjoyed it.

I was a bit familiar with the case that this film was based on which isn’t necessary, so don’t worry if you don’t know it. People had said that the film is more about the court case than the paranormal aspect but…not really. There was like 5mins total of “court room”. It was all paranormal; the why, the who, the how…it was just more field based than direct with the person of subject.

Plenty of jump scares if that gets you. I’m quite desensitised to jump scares so they rarely “get” me but I will go “oh that was quite loud”. Which, yes, I know…sound is part of what unnerves people. (I know as I have Misophonia and certain noises can trigger my fight or flight reaction)

There was once a video to demonstrate how much sound adds to experiences, be it real life or film. I believe it was a video of an arm or leg being broken (not a real one). It was shiee at n to people first without sound and they were like “enh. We know it’s not a real limb” and didn’t give much of a reaction. However, when they were shown it again with sound “thanks Hollywood” they cringed and turned away. So without the loud BOOM or scream, etc…jump scares wouldn’t do anything to an audience so yeah, thy make them loud.

Yeah, I’d recommend this one. I actually think I prefer it over The Nun instalment. I enjoyed how it all played out and how it went just beyond young David and Arne bring possessed. How, like in the other films, the relationship Lorraine & Ed had was brought into the story and played a role in the events. I really felt like I was along for the ride, trying to figure it out and even saying things just before the character did…”that’s not water damage”

The Cineworld near me was great, enforcing the mask rule (only off when eating/drinking) as a couple came in without them (not exempt) playing like the mask rule is out now. A staff member had them purchase masks before he’d sell them tickets and explained the rules. I didn’t have anyone near me so I didn’t care and I’m fully vaccinated but I sat there with my mask on except to stuff my face with popcorn and drink my Pepsi Cherry Max.

Its’s like…you know the rules. Stop playing like you don’t. It’s not June 21 yet and who knows what Boris will advise then. I think the mask rule will be around a while yet, maybe to the end of the year. My glasses get fogged up and it’s hard to breathe when you’re hugging & puffing but I’m happy to wear it where & when required…ok SORRY. I didn’t mean for this to become Covid talk but I wanted to share how good the staff at the cinema were. They don’t want to get shut down again anymore than the rest of us want another lockdown so…wear ya masks! 😷

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