California Dreamin’

We plan and God laughs…I’m sure that’s how millions of people have felt over the last year and a half. Especially here in England as things started to reopen in September of 2020 and just a few weeks later, everything was forced closed again by the Government in the battle against Covid.

My best friend and I were due to go to California in May 2020 and luckily we had nearly everything refunded or credit given to use within a year or two. The only thing I didn’t get refunded was our very expensive tickets to see Rocky Horror live at a theatre in San Francisco. Which I can understand it’s an independent theatre who couldn’t afford to refund people even given the circumstances…but at the same time, I was being put out of work too and couldn’t afford to be without that money as well, so… The airlines gave us both a voucher that was originally good for 12months after our original departure date but then mine was extended again to end of April 2022 so guess where we’re going next spring?! LOL

We have replanned and mapped out a few trips during lockdown including going to Florida last month but that was cancelled as soon as it looked as things were shutting down again. Luckily, I had only booked free cancellation Air BnB and car rental. The owner of the Air BnB was very understanding and sweet and the ground floor apartment was lovely so we do plan on going there at some point. I was looking at renting an RV and having a proper road trip in either Tennessee or Arizona or even Colorado.

In the end though, I decided that I really wanted to go back to Disneyland in California as that is my favorite park. Watching so many YouTubers going to the parks as things start to reopen in the States, just got me itching for Disneyland and Los Angeles. So I’m hoping that with this trip, we’ll get a bit of both worlds with the adrenaline going, screaming on rollercoasters at Disney and then relaxing in LA wondering about and going to Malibu beach as we’ve been promising ourselves a beach trip for a while now; hence the plan to have gone to Florida last month that was undone.

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Sheila has never been to California and I love taking her to new places and just sharing things that I love. We’re hoping our friend Staci can join us with her family too and add to the adventure. I’ve not planned too much yet as I don’t want to jinx it LOL but I do have a few places I want to go to, see and do. I also plan to dust off my camera and do some more videos for my little YouTube Channel and sort of take you guys along with us.

I’ve really enjoyed watching Vloggers or YouTubers like the Grimm Life Collective who go around sharing filming locations and celebrity gravesites (They’re not called “Grimm” for nothing). It’s just so interesting to see what is still around, what has changed and what hasn’t. They are a lovely couple and are always respectful of the places and people they visit and just really add that something extra to their videos. So yeah, check them out.

But yeah, from watching them, I’ve found several filming locations I’d like to go and visit and have added those to my planning map as well as just driving along Mulholland Drive and maybe having a picnic on “haunted” picnic table #29

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When I was in LA back in 2018, I visited the house from Nightmare on Elm Street (Nancy’s House) which still looks exactly the same apart from security system signs and a notice asking people to not come onto the property. I also managed to find the Golden Girls’ house which was really only used for the opening shot in the credits and stills as it was recreated on a studio lot for inside shots and later exterior views.

That was quite a drive and especially getting back out of the neighborhood during rush hour then back to LA on the interstate…so much traffic and SLOW.

Being a girl from the East Coast, I do love California. Who knows…maybe one day I’ll move there. I’ve no idea what my future has in store for me…nor do I have any idea of what I’m doing LOL

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