SMASH! And your window is gone!

Not the way I was expecting my Wednesday morning to go. I woke up with plenty of time to spare, washed a load of laundry and hung up to dry, cooked some sausages and chicken for my lunch at work and dinner as tonight is another late nigthter (9pm finish). Went to my cat sitting client I’m tending to this week, headed out from there in time to take a leisurely drive to the office but when I went out to my car…THIS IS WHAT I SAW!!!


At first I was looking down and went “I know I didn’t drive through that when I parked here…” I looked up to open my door to put my stuff in the passenger’s seat and *SHOCK HORROR* my front passenger window is smashed to bits!! I recalled seeing two groundkeepers walking towards the house I’d parked in front of so I know they saw me and what house I went into as they were on foot not 30ft behind me. So my first thought was “they did this, they hit a rock and this happened” but I couldn’t see any rock in my car but surely someone didn’t go buy and just smash in my window…

Luckily, the house opposite had a sticker saying “CCTV Camera” so as I went to knock to ask if she really had a camera and caught what happened, she opened the door and said her camera is actually out back but she saw the groundsmen taking photos of my car before going further down the estate (hired company to do this area of homes). While I called the police non-emergency number for advice, she got into her car and drove around to find them which she did and they said yeah they think they did it and had already called their boss, etc. But they didn’t leave a note and they knew what house I went into…if she’d not found them, I doubt I’d know what had happened and would’ve filed a criminal offense.

I was proud of myself as I did not cry. The whole “these things happen, it’s okay” just washed over me because all I could think was “I’ve gotta get to work! I’m scheduled 11am-9pm today and we’re short staffed as it is!!” So I called my office to let them know what happened and said I’ll let them know when I’m on my way then I got comfortable at my client’s dining table to make some calls. First, I called the owner of the gardening company who caused the damage and he was really nice and said he’ll reimburse me my insurance access fee and the cost of having my car valeted (cleaned inside/out) to get all the glass out, etc.


Next I a glass repair company I know and have used before but sadly my current car insurance don’t work with them and although they could have it fixed on Friday, it would’ve cost over £400. That was a long phone call just getting advice, trying to log into my client’s wifi so I could access my insurance documents and give them the info. But the lady was very friendly and helpful so…Then I called my insurance who luckily said it won’t effect my No Claims Bonus as I was worried about that going through my insurance and I paid the £100 fee to pay for the repairs.

Skip to four hours later and I’ve still not received my email receipt showing the £100 paid that I can send over the the gardening company (I have since contacted them to resend it and checked they had my email correct, etc.) and I’d yet to hear from the glass company they use. Being I was told this sort of window is marked as “PRIORITY”, I’m like…Why ain’t they called me?! So I mentioned this to my insurance when I called them again on my lunch break and was told the details hadn’t been sent across to them yet but he’d do that now *glare*. Hour or so later they finally call me and the earliest they can fix my window is…wait for this…

TUESDAY!!!! 5 days and 6 nights with no passenger door window!! Thank God it’s July and not December!! Still, this is all well and good when I’m driving, just like having the window down, and it’s fine at my office parked up as there are cameras and I’ve taped a black rubbish bag over it to keep the rain out, etc. But parked on my driveway right off the main street through town with loads of people walking past as here in England your driveways aren’t long and are only one car length unless you’re rich. So my car is now an easy target for any ne’er do-wellers. I have asked my neighbour if he’d mind for me to park on his drive directly in front of his security camera…one of those RING doorbells that record 24/7 and his ultra bright motion detector flood light…he kindly said “no problem”

I’ll buy in a 6pack for his troubles.

I can’t remember when I’ve been so flustered and just shaken. Plus I’m constantly working, luckily I’m off tomorrow and Friday but then I’m working Saturday to Thursday and cat sitting on top of my full time job. Thank goodness my ex and I get along as he’s kindly picking me up Tuesday morning to take me to my cat sit and to work and then again in the evening. The repair guy is mobile so will go to my home to do the job and luckily I don’t have to be home myself but my son will be just to give the guy the key to the car, etc so he can access everything he needs. They couldn’t come to my office to do it until the 19th of July…that’s almost TWO WEEKS!!! Sadly the company my insurance uses and another company they use for work they can’t cover (booked up, etc.) are mobile only and don’t have like a garage or anything I could take it to any earlier. Sucks as my a previous insurance supplier used a company who are mobile but also have stations you can take your car to for window repairs. That’s who I rang originally who could do it Friday but for over £400 as my insurer don’t use them *eye roll* I think next year when my insurance is up for renewal, I’m going to call around and ask if they use AutoGlass before swapping insurers.

I finish work in half an hour (as of writing this, it’s coming up to 8.30pm…it will be published later) and then I’m taking a colleague home as she’s pregnant and it’ll be getting dark, etc. then stop back in at my current cat sit to feed him, stop to collect items from the Amazon DropBox and then finally home…hell, I also need to get cash to pay for my duvet being dry cleaned…I’ll do that tomorrow when I’m off work. Once in, I’ll feed my cats, make myself a sandwich and pop open a couple of ciders to help unwind…I hope. But first, I’m going to clean everything out of my car; dashcam, grocery bags, documents (car service book, etc.), tyre wrench… just in case.

Yes, it could be a LOT worse. It could’ve busted my front windshield but it’s still annoying, stressful and really not what I needed right now. But such is life and shit happens.

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