So what IS the Kominsky Method?

Well, it’s a good damn show for starters! Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are great together in this sitcom about life past a certain age…especially those in the entertainment business past a certain age.

If you grew up in the 80s, I think you’ll have a good appreciation for some of the jokes and casting. For one, it’s great to see Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner together again…sort of.

Another thing that made me giggle…it’s like the Gang is back together…Danny DeVito has a small part in the show as a Doctor but then later on Michael Douglas talks about Danny DeVito as an actor, etc. So they are crossing over real people and actors. Elliot Gould is in it as himself along with Allison Brooks Janney and Morgan Freeman then Danny is mentioned as himself but plays a fictional character.

As someone in their mid-forties, I enjoy the story lines of older adults. The dramas with their adult children, jobs, health scares, prescription drugs and recreational… but it’s all done with a bit of tongue-in-cheek.

It is such an easy binge watch and I got through the first three seasons over a weekend and I hope it goes on to have a fourth but if not, it did end well.

If you’ve not seen it yet or know what it’s about, let me give you a run down without (hopefully) spoiling it.

Sandy Kominsky (Douglas) struggled to become a successful actor so he became an acting Coach…”Those who can’t, Teach” and all. He’s divorced from Roz (Turner) and their adult daughter, Mindy, helps run his acting school. His best friend is his agent who does lose his wife to cancer in like the first or second episode so you have him dealing with being a widow, maybe dating again plus his daughter who’s an alcoholic and drug addict that causes some rifts in the family.

So this actually came out in 2018 but I only found it on UK Netflix recently!

Have you watched it? Let me know what you thought of it.

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