I don’t have 20/20 Vision, but…

I’ve never been much one for New Years for various reasons over the years. When I was a kid it was cool. As a teen it was still cool but I don’t recall really doing anything apart from watching the NYE show in New York on tv with my Mom. Then things just got depressing after she passed. When I moved to England it seemed to get even more depressing. Instead of looking forward to what the new year may have in store for me, I was always looking back thinking “There’s another year wasted being overweight. Another year wasted being unhappy, being away from my friends & family. Another year wasted not having done this, not having done that, not, not…”

This time however, I’m actually quite positive. I’ve actually felt FESTIVE and was excited about Christmas. We’re not doing much tonight, my son and I are just going out for dinner than chill in front of the tv. Tomorrow we’re going to the cinema to see JoJo Rabbit at a preview screening.

Sure, every year is unpredictable, time will always have it’s challenges to overcome and I know I have a few coming my way but I refuse to dwell on negativity anymore. Yes, there are a few things that really worry me, especially financially but I have a great full time job, I have my cat sitting ‘side hustle’ for a little extra income…I’ll be okay. One day my lottery numbers have to come up, right? Karma and all that jazz, hehe.

I believe 2020 will finally be MY year. I’m going into it having lost 18.5lbs in 14 weeks, more independent and self sufficient than I’ve ever been and with a kick ass haircut. Another bucket-list item will be ticked off when I see Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act LIVE in London this summer. And of course, I’ll be going back to California which I love…imagine that, an East Coast gal loving the West Coast. I just feel good and I like feeling good and being positive. I’ve missed the happy me and I’m glad she’s back in full force. Hopefully she’ll be sticking around for a good while. You have to put happiness and positivity out there into the Universe to get it back.

Have you noticed, when you’re in a bad mood for whatever reason, every little thing makes you even more mad? Everyone is a jerk, every other driver is a prick…I know that’s how I work. We all get mad, that’s just human nature. But I challenge you in 2020, rather than sitting in that madness and letting it grow, say “F You!” to whatever it is, forget it and move on with a smile. It’s not always easy, I KNOW, but believe me, you’ll feel better and won’t have ruined a full day due to a 10 second event at 8.15am because you’ve dwelled on it.

Do I do New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s put it this way…My goal in 2020 is to accomplish the goals of 2019 which I should’ve done in 2018 because I promised I’d do them in 2017 and planned them back in 2016…so…no, not really LOL I’m just going to keep on with what I’m doing which is trying to lose weight, trying to be a better person, try to budget my finances better but one thing I need to promise to do, is take days off work when it’s my week with my son and he’s got the week off school. I’m such a bad planner so he’d be at my flat (he’s a teenager, not a child-child) and I’d be at work. So that’s one thing I do want to improve for sure, planning ahead for him better. Even if it’s just one (hopefully two) days a week during his half-term weeks with me so we can hang out and do things.

So…all my best to you and yours for 2020.

Have Yourself a Merry Little…

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Las Posadas…whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate. I wish you all have a lovely end to 2019 and a great start to 2020.

I had a great weekend with my office’s Christmas Party on Saturday and then at work on Sunday, we were all a bit worse for wear and so we had breakfast delivered from a nearby cafe then McDonald’s delivered for lunch and when I got home after picking up my son, we ordered Domino’s. It was NOT a diet friendly day but I chose to eat what I had, I enjoyed it and I’ve been trying to make up for it since so I’m not in tears at the scales tomorrow. I even tracked all of it, the ugly truth of it all LOL So I’m allowed 19 Smart Points on my current WW plan, not including my 42 extra Weeky points to use however. On that day, I had used 100 Smart Points…not so very Smart and I didn’t feel so good afterwards either. But, I felt rough, I was working and tired, couldn’t be bothered to cook and that’s what I chose to do.

Everyone was in black and here I am with a sparkly, pink top LOL

It amazes me now, after having lost 17lbs in 13 weeks that a day like that…okay it wasn’t the NORM but it wasn’t far off it. Greggs sausage roll or breakfast bap most mornings. McDonald’s and pizza once or twice a week. No wonder I got to the size I did, haha.

My Son and I are all ready for Christmas. We’re having lunch out so I don’t have to cook and have things to clean up so we can do presents, watch tv and play games as I’ve only got him from Christmas Day afternoon to Boxing Day afternoon. I ordered some stuff for the both of us from a couple of sites in America and had them sent to my best friend rather than paying extortionate International postage and all. I can’t remember what all I ordered LOL so rather than opening it and wrapping up my son’s things, I’m going to wrap the box she shipped it all in so it’ll be a nice surprise for both of us LOL Next year, I plan to organise my own surprise birthday party! HaHaHa I probably could too!!

So what are your new year’s resolutions? I don’t really have any. I’m not really a ‘new years person’, never have been really. However, I’m always forgetting to ask for time off work when my Son has school breaks and it’s my week with him. So that will be a definate goal in 2020, to plan ahead better and book off a couple of days when he’s with me and has that week off of school. That and to continue to take better care of myself so that although I’m getting older, I’m getting younger due to better health…if that makes sense. I’d also love to get some plasma fibroblast treatments on my neck and face to tighten the skin as I can’t afford actual plastic surgery. Am I vain? No, not really. But I feel that as I’m starting to discover more of who I am, losing weight and starting life over in a way…I’m starting to look my age over how old and amazing I feel. The plasma fibroblast surgery is non-evasive and so I’m back at work the next day…I’ll just be covered in polka dots for a week in that area. I definately want my neck and eyelids done as that is where I’m really to starting to show age and my neck is loose from weight loss. I miss my jawline LOL. I want that back! When I get my winning lottery ticket, I’ll happily go under the knife for some revision but for now, I think plasma treatments will be the way to go as the results are said to last for years and it’s a bit more affordable.

Anyway, that’s my little bit of random thoughts for today. I’m sure I had more earlier today but I can’t remember now. Lord help me. LOL

Have a great weekend y’all. I’m still working until Tuesday, another 10 day week for me and then two weeks of cat sitting from Sunday as well. I think all of my hard work is really showing my son about good work ethics that I hope he’ll carry on as he grows. He’s really wanting a little weekend job as it is. Fingers crossed he’ll be able to find something.

Good night, everyone. MWAH!

That Trailer That Dropped on 9th December…

First of all…if you’ve not seen the first official trailer for some film about ghosts and ghost busting called Ghostbusters: Afterlife… check it out below

Ghostbusters (2020): Afterlife

Watched it? Good! Let’s get started.

**Disclaimer: The below are just thoughts and theories of myself after watching the trailer…none of this is official plot lines outside of what you saw in the trailer**

So I have been a Ghostbusters fan since I was a child, since I saw the first film back in 1984…I am an 80s kid afterall. Even at a young age I was interested in science and the paranormal…like most 7 year olds, so this movie was just perfect for me. Add in the fact that my Mom raised me on classic SNL with Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, etc.

As most kids, I’d daydream, especiallly while in class. While they invisioned being actresses, football players, going out with the popular kid to the school dance…I was picturing in my head that Ray, Egon, Pete and Winston would pull up in front of my school in Ecto and get me from class because they NEEDED me on a hot case. Okay, I also had a crush on Harold Ramis…I like nerds with brains! Kill me.

Ghostbusters 2 was fun. I mean, we saw Pete & Dana’s relationship come back together, Janine and Louis hook up and they make the freakin’ Statue of Liberty come on land!! *throws hands up* I know GB2 is like marmite in the Ghostbusters fandom. You love it or hate it for various reasons.

When I grew up…my daydream became a reality…in a roundabout way. I found a Ghostbusters fan group who dressed up like the characters and raised money for charities. So my ex funded this passion and before I knew it, I had a flightsuit, boots and most importantly…a proton pack which was upgraded a few years later with a even more kick ass light and sound kit.

Okay, I’m rambling already. I’m sorry…just trying to build a picture for you here. My left inner ankle has the ‘no ghosts’ logo on it (tattoo) ffs.

So this trailer…Ghostbuster fans have been waiting AGES for this, getting all excited with every leaked photo or cast news. I was more like, I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe I’m so wrapped up with work and life, it just wasn’t on the top of my importance list. When I got home, I got up YouTube on my tv and watched it. First impression was like “okay…I’m interested”. Second, third time I watched it “oh that’s…! oh and there’s…!” Lots of lovely Easter Eggs and homages to the first film.

So…it looks like our old pal Ivo Shandor may be behind these new disturbances in Summerville.

That is Definately a Terror Dog claw on Paul Rudd’s car!

And, I mean…no human being would stack books like that…Right?!

What I love is not just the ties to the original film and what teases to bring things full circle, but also the possibilities. So we know the Grandfather has passed away and their Mom brought the family to the farm to go through what was left behind. With this we have two thoughts…Egon sadly passed away when Harold did. They do look a LOT like Egon. Phoebe, the little girl, is a science geek and Trevor, the teenage boy, is a gear head. But we also recall that in the first film, Ray had to remortgage his family home so they could afford the firehouse.

So although we know in our hearts that this is the Spengler family…could it be Ray’s childhood home where, after the 1989 fight with Vigo, all of the guys’ stuff was stored as this is the first ghost sighting since then. So says Mr Grooberson (Paul Rudd) in the trailer. Ecto is there, lots of equipment…not just spores, moulds & fungius. We know most of the original cast will be making cameos as their previous characters as this is the same Universe & timeline. The big question of everyone’s mind is … Will Rick Moranis return as Louis Tully?

**EDIT…OMG!! WHAT IF LOUIS TULLY IS THE GRANDAD WHO PASSED?!?! Rick Moranis has been retired since the passing of his wife so very unlikely to make a return in the film. He “always wanted to be a Ghostbuster” and was the guys’ lawyer…Maybe they entrusted him to keep their stuff when things quietened down after GB2…**

Shandor Minning…does our old foe Gozer come back in a different form? Will Ivo Shandor himself make an appearance?! Or…is there still a facton of Gozer worshippers in Summerville who will summon up another opponent.

Ecto has a gunner seat similar to Ecto in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon…will Slimer finally befriend the gang like in the cartoon too? We did see a little green spirit peek out of the ghosttrap & look at Paul Rudd.

Let’s just let our minds run with it…Did Egon and Janine finally hook up?! Did Janine and Louis stay together instead? Did the mom grow up with the other Ghostbusters’ kids and who all in this extended family will get involved.

I try not to read too much into things. I love enjoying a film in the cinema not really knowing more than the trailers have told us, but I do enjoy a bit of speculation and theories.

The Ghostbusters fandom have been waiting for a ‘passing of the torch’ film and now…we’ve clearly got it. Same Universe, right timeline, literally keeping it in the family. Needless to say I’m very excited about this but…it won’t be out until July 2020 and until then, we’ll have to let our minds run with fun possibilities while we get on with our lives.

Thanks for letting me ramble again about my thoughts. The trailer was good in that it didn’t give us a lot of information but lots of Oooohs & Aaaaahs that made the 8yr old in all of us jump for joy.

To Sleep Perchance to Dream.

So last night, I didn’t get a lot of sleep as I got in from work about 9.30pm (and had to be back in today by 9am) and my football team, the Auburn Tigers, were already in the first quarter of the Iron Bowl at this time. So I fed my cats and got tucked up into bed with the game playing on my phone via BT Sports App.

I’m lying there, eyelids getting heavy and then bolt straight up “Holy Shit!!” because of some amazing play…I’ll admit, one was by the opposing team, Alabama…do they have a nickname? I know their ‘battle cry’ is Roll Tide. But like, we’re the Auburn Tigers…are they the Alabama…is Crimson Tide their nickname? I think it is…I’m tired LOL

Anyway, this was an AMAZING game!! Neck and neck the WHOLE way; You get a touchdown, now you get a touchdown, and now you, okay a field goal for you then a touchdown. In the last six minutes of the first half, a total of 38 points between them!

I made it to the third quarter but then once we are ahead again, I let myself drift on off to sleep as I knew we had it won. More points were scored but I just had that feeling in my heart that it was our game. We won 48-45…Dream Come True!

About 4.20am I was woken up to a very loud BOOM!! which I assumed was a van or something at the flats behind my house backfiring, shrugged it off and went back to sleep. Turns out, it was a Sonic Boom!! Apparently, it was RAF jets responding to a 7700 ‘Squawking Request’

It must’ve done something to my subconscious because the last dream I remember was just horrible. I kept waking up in a panic trying to calm myself down and change my thoughts. But in my nightmare, two people had broken into my house and were trying to take my belongings. For some crazy, unknown reason the two people were Zach Anner and Camryn Manheim of all people!! So, okay Zach I see on Rooster Teeth from time to time and Camryn, I recently watched on Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings episode #5, “Down from Dover”. What they hell they were doing in my head, robbing me in a nightmare…I don’t know!! Of course, they were going after stuff I truly cherish and things passed down to me so I was fighting tooth and nail! (side note…in the dream Zach was not in a chair but walking about ransacking my place)

^^ Not Zach nor Camryn ^^ Not my house either, so…

This nightmare really had me rattled! Think I’ll look into some security cameras or something. Also think I’ll take a Nytol tonight to help get a good night’s sleep in preparation for my last 5 work days in this 12 day ‘week’. Momma has Christmas to pay for, hehe, so I’ve accepted all the overtime they’ll give me. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the holidays off a bit more too.

Ten Dozen Eggs!!

Ok this one will be mostly about my weight-loss as I’ve now lost 15.5lbs in just ten weeks!! Holy Cow!! As someone who’s always struggled with weight, start and stopped diet after diet after diet, yo-yoing back and forth, up and down….this is amazing to and for me.

Scrambled or Sunny Side Up?

So I’m following the current WW (formally Weight Watchers) plan and I’ve been on the new Purple Plan the last two weeks which allows healthy carbs as 0 pointed foods; potatoes, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, etc. I’ve missed my potatoes and on the Blue Plan, how it was before they added the Purple & Green Plans, they can work out to be high in daily points. Each week since joining I’ve lost except for two weeks ago but that was an expected gain and it was only 1.5lbs. The following week I lost three and this week I lost another two, so…Happy Days!

I’m hoping, looking at my current average weight loss, that I’ll manage to lose a further 30lbs before my trip to California in May. That would be AMAZING!! I’m not going to say what I weigh now or what I would be with another 30lbs gone but, let’s just say…it’s been a long time since I’ve been at that weight and it’d be amazing to get that low for my trip *whispers* because we plan on pigging out on ice cream and alcohol *wink, wink*

Why did the girls cross the bridge?

I can not wait for this trip! My best friend, Sheila (Friends by Chance, Sisters by Choice), keep saying we’re going to have a relaxing beach vacation and hopefully this one will be it. In June this year we had our little “Gothic Road Trip” which included staying in Salem, MA, visiting the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York, the Eastern State Pen and sleeping in the bedrooms of Lizzie and Emma Borden at the Lizzie Borden B&B Although we had a GREAT time and we did several things on our Bucket List, it was a lot of driving and we did have somewhere specific to be on a certain day.

California will be a little bit shorter of a trip for me as this year I went out a couple of days early to have more time in Boston. Next year, in trying to keep costs down or rather have a bit more money to use while there, we’re flying in and out the same day and only visiting for ten days. Equal time in San Francisco and San Jose as we’re both dying to go to places in both cities.

Now I’ve been to San Francisco and San Jose before, although in San Jose I only went to the Winchester Mystery House and then back to The Bay, but I really loved it and have been wanting to go back. Sheila has never been to California, so of course there’s lots of stuff I want to show her and us do together. We were umming and ahhing over what to do because we wanted to go to San Fran, San Jose and LA but that would’ve been another car heavy trip and less doing and seeing things. So we’re saving Los Angeles for another time.

What’s Your Dream?

I’m hoping to also tick another item off of my Bucket List while there, riding a Harley Davidson. There are places in town where you can rent them and they even do just day rentals which is what I’d be looking to do. Now, as I’ve never been on a motorcycle, let alone driven a Harley. So I’m looking at taking some motorcycle lessons here in the UK beforehand so I’m knowledgeable, capable and sure I’m legal. Would I ever like to have my own motorcycle? Sure! But for the 4 weeks it’s warm enough here to be out on one…I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe one day though, to have on the back of the RV for little trips away from the campsite or something. Or when I win the lottery, hehe. This is another hair-brain idea I have, something I’d love to do but may not be possible just yet. The lessons aren’t cheap, the CBT (compulsory basic training) is like £135 itself. But I’ll see how my overtime hours and cat sitting jobs go.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

The Holidays are Coming!

Now you have that song in your head, don’t you?!

Just over four weeks until Christmas at time of posting this. Where did the year go?! Are you finished with your shopping? Have you decorated already?

Growing up my family had a tradition of putting up the Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve mostly kept to that tradition as an adult but this year I’m working 10am-9pm Thanksgiving Day and over Thanksgiving weekend as well…So I may put everything up tomorrow while I have a day off as I’ve only got like five days off between now and New Years. It’s just my son & I so I am ummming and ahhhing over whether to decorate or not. My son asked if we had to put the tree up. I think because my place is so small and I’ve still got ‘stuff’ here and there trying to sell, donate or throw thing away to make space (and money)…it can seem a bit much.

NOT my house. NOT my tree.

But last year I finally had my perfect, could’ve been taken from a magazine tree! So I think I will put it up tomorrow, just for me if anything else. I also have a lovely garland that hangs from atop the mirror in the hallway. Decorations I’ve always had in my mind to do one day if that makes sense. I think I’ll put on my Kasey Musgraves and Lady Antebellum Christmas music and get to it. Then when I’m finished, I’ll sit back to some more of Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings on Netflix.

I’m finished with my shopping as I’ve only got my son to buy for apart from a work and friends’ Secret Santa. Just waiting for some of it to arrive from America. He doesn’t get as excited as he did when he was little and Christmas is full of magic and wishes, but he still loves things he gets and appreciates them. He knows I don’t have a lot of money to throw around and knows how much overtime I put in leading up to the holidays to make sure everything is taken care of. So he is definitely appreciative and that, for me, is a great gift. To have a son so aware of other people, of money and not being materialistic like a lot of people can be these days.

Moving on into 2020…I don’t think I have any resolutions as such, I never keep to them anyway. But I know I’ll be going into the new year as a better version of myself. I’m losing weight, forming new and better habits, feeling better about myself and in life in general. Still waiting for my winning lottery numbers to come in though, hehe.

This week I lost 3lbs after putting on 1.5lbs last week but I knew why. I had an ‘off plan’ weekend which ran into the week and then some stress eating as well. Last week I also switched from the known plan which is now called ‘Blue’ to the new ‘Purple’ plan which allows for carbs without having to point them. I’ve missed potatoes and such. You can have brown rices, wholewheat pasta and potatoes without pointing them but obviously you have to watch your portions. I think this has helped me get out of a 1lbs per week loss rut. Dont’ get me wrong, I was thrilled to keep losing a pound a week but sometimes you just want that bit more and feel you’ve worked off a bit more. So this was a GREAT week for me and I’m just half a pound away from losing my first stone! Very excited and proud of myself for my efforts. Given all of that, I definitely feel I’ll be starting the new year as a new, better me.

That’s all for now. I gotta get back to work!! 🙂

How long has it been??

Sorry it’s been a bit longer than normal between my posts but life has just been MANIC!!

In case you’re not on my Instagram ( _tararenee13_ ), last week my eBay account was hacked! Not to purchase things with my money, but to SELL things. My phone pinged with a notification and with the time of day, I assumed it was my son so I looked (not supposed to be using your mobile in my office so I don’t have it out). Thank God I did!!

“Congratulations” Your item Samsung 10+ yada yada yada has just sold!” – eBay

“You’ve just received £300 from John Doe for his eBay purchase” – PayPal

WHOAH!!! HOLD UP!! I don’t own any Samsung items nor do I have any listed to sell on eBay. WTF?!?!

So, I tell my boss what’s happened and that I’m phoning eBay at the same time I’m messaging the buyer via eBay to say my account was hacked, I’m talking to eBay, there is no Samsung phone and I’ll get his money back to him. To which he replies with threats of police and a lawsuit…suspicious behaviour I think…Why not contact eBay, as you should do. He said “I’m going to report you” I said “GOOD!! I’m reporting it myself and they have seen your threats”

Moving past this ass-hat…Two more people have bought the faux item as the hacker had put 4 available on the listing…which was a listing I made last year for a collectable item I do have and am looking to sell. Other’s are messaging me through eBay asking about the item and that they don’t have WhatsApp, is it okay to contact ‘me’ through eBay…Well that’s a Big Red Flag there, that the ‘seller’ had put to be contacted via WhatsApp, not eBay.

They had also managed to put their phone number on my account so I was unable to change my password as it was going to send a ‘verification code to mobile number 75xx xxxx09…that’s not my number!

Hour and a half later…eBay had finally removed the listing, contacted the buyers that the account had been compromised and they’ll be issuing a refund, etc. and froze/locked my account at my request. I also logged a complaint with eBay for the first buyer and his threats. I told them, and they agreed, it was unusual behaviour and could well have been them who hacked me.

All three buyers have been refunded their money yet I’m still out £27 from the PayPal fees incurred at point of paying. I only received £291 from each buyer but they were sent £300 that they paid back. I have contacted PayPal regarding refunding me this £27 as I was told by eBay and PayPal I would not be liable for any fees. I’m waiting for a response at time of publishing.

So that was my Friday night and Saturday morning trying to sort that nightmare out. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS REGULARLY and MAKE THEM COMPLICATED.


I gave in to my food cravings and did some stress eating from all of the above and gained 1.5lbs at my Weight Watchers meeting Sunday morning.

Why was this a good thing, I hear you ask. Well, because I feel if you deny yourself a craving or a treat…that is when you risk falling off the wagon, rolling down the hill and never see that wagon again.

WW have also introduced a new way to ‘diet’ so this week I’ve moved from the ‘Blue Plan’ which is the plan it previously was, to the Purple Plan which allows certain carbs to be zero points and then there’s the Green Plan…which to be honest, I’ve not really looked at.

So I’m enjoying some wholewheat pasta, brown basmati rice and gorgeous potatoes…within reason of course! but without having to use up loads of points on them. I’ll let you know how I get on but I am hopeful this ‘shock’ to my system will be the boost I need to get shifting the weight again.

Now…go change your passwords!!

As the year comes to a close…

Well, 2019 is nearly over with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching. How has 2019 treated you? Are you looking forward to a better 2020?

This past year has been okay for me. It was better than 2017 and 2018 I believe. But that is what we aim for, isn’t it? To do and be better each year. To improve ourselves and our lives. In the last few months, my neighbours from hell have moved away so I’ve lived in peace & quiet since June. I suffer from Misophonia and all of the noise they created was literally driving me into a deep depression and high anxiety issues. So my prayers were answered when they were evicted.

In June, I had a lovely vacation with two of my best friends and saw some amazing things and places I’ve never been to before. Tame Boston squirrels at the Common Gardens climbed all over me as I fed them treats, took in the sights and did some people watching. We visited Salem and learned the truth about the Witch Trials and history of Salem. I could go on but there are Vlogs on my YouTube Channel which may be more entertaining.

Back in September, I was referred to WW (formally Weight Watchers) by my doctor and bit by bit am losing weight. With that, I am forming better eating habits, teaching myself how to cook more from scratch. Due to that, I am feeling better about myself, I’m happier, prouder and all around feel so much better about life. Do see the ripple effect here?

What are you thankful for?

I do have some things to be thankful for this past year. At the moment, I’m thankful for a lot of overtime leading up to the holidays LOL I’m definately thankful for having such an amazing son who keeps be pushing harder to be better. My friends, my job, my car, my flat, my cats. I’m thankful for having the parents I did and how they raised me so that I can survive in this world without them.

So many people out there are without the things we take for granted every day. Be thankful, even for the smallest of things because there’s someone out there that prays they could have that little thing. That half of a sandwich you threw away, the money you spent on a new tv, that hug from a loved one.

My challenge to you for the rest of November, the thankful month if you will, is to wake up each morning and say Thank You to whatever being or God you believe in. Thank you for giving me another day. Thank you for providing me with opportunities in life. Thank you for loved ones, a roof over my head, a full stomach. Thank you for waking me up this morning. Also, try to do for those less fortunate. Buy a Big Issue from the lady you pass each day to work. Donate your change in the charity pot at Costa. Help those who need it more than you.

Hold on Tight. This is gonna be a bumpy one!

It’s been a few days since my last post so I wanted to share a few things that’s been on my mind or that has happened so it’s gonna be a bit of a ride and I appologise now for that.

Firstly, just a little rant about cinema goers. So all of the cinemas near us have allocated seats that you choose when you book your tickets. If you don’t pre-book and get your ticket at the cinema on the day, they still have you pick out seats. The other day my son & I went to see Gemini and we had our pre-allocated seats which was one of our two usual rows. As I climb the steps; A, B, C, D…H…our seats are the first two on the right of the isle yet…two men of varying ages were in our seats. I look at my phone, look at the floor and look at the chairs, checking row and numbers and say loudly “Yeah, these are our seats H7 & H8. ‘Scuse me, these are our seats.” They both sat still, eyes locked forward like we weren’t even there nor had we said anything to them. My son, being quite a passive person, was like “Mom lets just sit on the other side, it’s fine” Fine. But that’s not the point. Then…the two guys in front of us talked through the whole film, I could hear them over the action scenes. I shushed them to no avail yet anytime I coughed, they had the nerve to turn around and look at me. I get people go to the movies with friends, etc and want to chat or “omg i think he’s the killer!”, etc. but in hushed tones. They didn’t even lean over to each other, proper loud. Although I enjoyed the film, I did not enjoy the experience. Argh! So there’s that. Rant over.

Be respectful to others in cinemas!

On a more positive note…I’m doing really well diet wise though! I’ve lost 11lbs now in 6 weeks. Squeee!! Between having a lovely Weight Watchers Coach and listening to Losing 100lbs with Phit & Phat have helped me change my attitude towards eating and losing weight. Not to mention just my mindset and how I think of myself. I know I won’t lose weight every week and that is okay. I’m being honest with tracking my food and being accountable for my choices. I’ve been eating better, I’ve been cooking, meal prepping… all these things I’m not used to doing but I’m so proud of!

In the lead up to Christmas and a road trip next May, I’m trying to rack up the overtime hours at my full time job. Basically, from now until the end of December, if I don’t have my son, I’m working over the weekend. LOL Plus my cat sitting business…surely it’s time for my numbers to come up, haha. I’m donating and selling a lot of my things because I need the space and the money, not the stuff so last weekend was “Yay! I just sold X on eBay for £60, that’s our weekend outtings and food paid for.” It’s scary being a single mom on minimum wages but I’m making it work. I’m working hard and I’m proud of myself for working so hard. Still hoping for a winning lottery ticket though! But ‘when’ I win my million, I’d still work where I am because I enjoy it, I’d just be able to relax and not worry.

With that in mind, I’m really excited to announce that I was chosen to be an affiliate for the Skinny Food Co!!! I’m loving their products and they’ve started accepting affiliates so I applied and was accepted! Yaayyy!! How awesome is that?!?! So I want to share with you my personal link and hope that if you want to try some of their guilt free products, you’ll shop via my link below. Sauces, syrups, flavourings, jams, spreads…you won’t regret it! And of course, by using my affiliate link, you’ll be helping me too ❤

I guess I should go for now and finish watching this week’s Walking Dead for the second time (OMG!!) then hit the sack. Thank you for letting me share my rambling thoughts with you. Sometimes you want to say more than you would on Facebook and such and I just love writing. I really should try to get back to doing my short stories. Hmmmm….I could do a collection of short stories and self-publish on Amazon. A couple of my friends have done that. Ya never know 🙂

Good night & have a pleasent tomorrow!

Would you do it if you could?

We all want to be the best version of ourselves…don’t we? Each day we try to do something a little bit better, be a bit better, be a bit happier and so on. But no one is perfect. We all have our flaws. We all get angry, bitter, jealous, resentful. We can’t do everything ‘just right’. That’s what being human is about…right? To keep learning, keep bettering yourself, better your life, better your kids’ lives, learn from our mistakes and such.

Anyway, where the hell am I going with this? Last night I started watching a show on Netflix (UK) called “Living with Yourself” starring Paul Rudd.

*sidenote: THE MAN DOES NOT AGE!!

**SPOILER ALERT!! Stop reading if you’ve not seen this and want to or haven’t even seen the trailer**

As well as being entertaining…this show has made me think, hence this post.

In the show Miles (Paul Rudd) is in a real bad rut and so visits a ‘spa’ to turn him around. What actually happens is they make a clone of himself which is supposed to take the real Miles’ place but human error happens and so now there’s TWO Miles’. The original, human, imperfect Miles and the perfect clone.

So of course OG Miles is going to take advantage of this and gets Clone Miles to go to work for him to help get his career back on track and all that good stuff to help him get out of the rut he’s been in while he plods along.

I don’t want to get too much into the show because this post isn’t really about the show, it’s just what got me thinking…If you had the ability; be it $50k like Miles paid, or a magic spell or whatever you can think of, to make the ‘perfect you’…clone or just yourself…Would you do it?

Would you, in a bid to better your life and possible the life of your family, get rid of all the imperfections and faults to make an honestly, perfect version of yourself, the best you could ever be overnight…Would you? And if you would…Why? Comment if you like but Keep your Why’s to yourself.

I think I would though. I don’t want there to be two of me but if I could be the best version I can be, with little to no faults, and I could just get out there do and be all the things I’ve dreamt of…I’m sure the faults will come back with time just from mental wear and tear but yeah…I think I would. No glasses, no bad knees, no obesity, no anxiety, depression, misophonia…just a lot of “get up and go”, confidence, smarts, ability.

Now, of course I try to better myself the natural, real way each day. I’m losing weight, I’m taking some online courses to learn things, I’m learning how to cook properly for a change…but yeah, I’d take the easy way out if I could. That’s one of my faults and I think a lot of us feel that way. We want things the easy way. There’s nothing wrong with that and if we keep trying, things do get easier.

None of us will ever be perfect, but we can try to get better each day and with each step we take to that better us, we should be proud about. Be proud of your efforts to better yourself, your life and the life of your loved ones. Accept your faults, embrace them and I feel when you do that, you can start to improve them.

Now, if I win the lottery I will be going to that spa though!! LOL

Have a great day y’all.