How long has it been??

Sorry it’s been a bit longer than normal between my posts but life has just been MANIC!!

In case you’re not on my Instagram ( _tararenee13_ ), last week my eBay account was hacked! Not to purchase things with my money, but to SELL things. My phone pinged with a notification and with the time of day, I assumed it was my son so I looked (not supposed to be using your mobile in my office so I don’t have it out). Thank God I did!!

“Congratulations” Your item Samsung 10+ yada yada yada has just sold!” – eBay

“You’ve just received £300 from John Doe for his eBay purchase” – PayPal

WHOAH!!! HOLD UP!! I don’t own any Samsung items nor do I have any listed to sell on eBay. WTF?!?!

So, I tell my boss what’s happened and that I’m phoning eBay at the same time I’m messaging the buyer via eBay to say my account was hacked, I’m talking to eBay, there is no Samsung phone and I’ll get his money back to him. To which he replies with threats of police and a lawsuit…suspicious behaviour I think…Why not contact eBay, as you should do. He said “I’m going to report you” I said “GOOD!! I’m reporting it myself and they have seen your threats”

Moving past this ass-hat…Two more people have bought the faux item as the hacker had put 4 available on the listing…which was a listing I made last year for a collectable item I do have and am looking to sell. Other’s are messaging me through eBay asking about the item and that they don’t have WhatsApp, is it okay to contact ‘me’ through eBay…Well that’s a Big Red Flag there, that the ‘seller’ had put to be contacted via WhatsApp, not eBay.

They had also managed to put their phone number on my account so I was unable to change my password as it was going to send a ‘verification code to mobile number 75xx xxxx09…that’s not my number!

Hour and a half later…eBay had finally removed the listing, contacted the buyers that the account had been compromised and they’ll be issuing a refund, etc. and froze/locked my account at my request. I also logged a complaint with eBay for the first buyer and his threats. I told them, and they agreed, it was unusual behaviour and could well have been them who hacked me.

All three buyers have been refunded their money yet I’m still out £27 from the PayPal fees incurred at point of paying. I only received £291 from each buyer but they were sent £300 that they paid back. I have contacted PayPal regarding refunding me this £27 as I was told by eBay and PayPal I would not be liable for any fees. I’m waiting for a response at time of publishing.

So that was my Friday night and Saturday morning trying to sort that nightmare out. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS REGULARLY and MAKE THEM COMPLICATED.


I gave in to my food cravings and did some stress eating from all of the above and gained 1.5lbs at my Weight Watchers meeting Sunday morning.

Why was this a good thing, I hear you ask. Well, because I feel if you deny yourself a craving or a treat…that is when you risk falling off the wagon, rolling down the hill and never see that wagon again.

WW have also introduced a new way to ‘diet’ so this week I’ve moved from the ‘Blue Plan’ which is the plan it previously was, to the Purple Plan which allows certain carbs to be zero points and then there’s the Green Plan…which to be honest, I’ve not really looked at.

So I’m enjoying some wholewheat pasta, brown basmati rice and gorgeous potatoes…within reason of course! but without having to use up loads of points on them. I’ll let you know how I get on but I am hopeful this ‘shock’ to my system will be the boost I need to get shifting the weight again.

Now…go change your passwords!!

6 thoughts on “How long has it been??

    • Thank you! Yeah was a real nightmare. My heart rate was up to 118 from resting of 65, shaking like a leaf….so scary and omg what else could they have gotten into!! Hope you’re well ❤

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  1. It is a worry, life is so much more involved and connected now, that’s great, but then there’s all the security risks that come with it. Hopefully nothing else has been hacked.
    I’m good thank you, starting to worry about what’s still to do for festive period, panicking about just how much weight I’ll put on, usual stuff for this time of year 😀


    • Have you listened to the Losing 100lbs with Phit & Phat podcast? I’ve not done her free course as I’m on WW but I listen to Corrine’s podcast and it’s definitely helping me with my mindset and outlook with my eating. I’m always recommending it.

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